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September 6, 2016

Morrison Machiavelli

"rapper/producer/activisthas a problem with organized religion.

The dreadlocked Prosaic Minds representative doesn’t believe in the bigotry or violence that religion begets; he’s a follower of universal spirituality. In his own words, “Universal energy; the empowerment of identifying our God-self.” His visual manifesto is “Blissings,” an only mildly-confrontational statement piece where [Morrison Machiavelli] runs down the ills of churchgoing in favor of the existential empowerment of his worldview.

To that self-sufficient end, [Morrison Machiavelli]is not only the rapper on the track, though he also produced the beat and directed the video. You can see shades of Eyedea in the optimistic rhymer -- he even namedrops Oliver Hart on the chorus of “Blissings” to further the association -- but [Morrison Machiavelli] possesses a metaphysical element that even Mikey didn’t shoot for."

- Jared Fagerberg. CityPages, Minneapolis, MN.

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