New Age Yogi LP

Featured Artist:
DR.L Beats
Additional Artists:

When searching for a positive soundtrack to life you can relate with and feel we know you'll think of Dr.L BeaTs' New Age Yogi. The project is more than an EP of music presenting an all-around vibe exemplifying vulnerability, mental health, love, and passages of experience. The playful expansive sound and style is explorative and expressive.

Since Kite Yo Pale, L's 2017 EP release, he spent much of his time working with other artists collaborating and building a new presence. On New Age Yogi Dr.L takes his energy from heavily chord driven ballads such as WORLD and PAINLEVEL, to harder more bass driven songs like NINA and DOWNBAE. Dr.L BeaTs production is melody heavily driven by beats and percussion while maintaining the melodic transient feel you can expect from his music. His voice permeates through our spirits connecting with his heart and livelyhood. In a playful feature on the song DEMOISELLE Morrison Machiavelli chimes in with a short verse on the dance infused hit.

Expect to finish this project feeling not only refreshed audibly but with a spiritual awakening. In this day and age many of us are seeking mature expletives of emotional openness; look no further this time around.