KPW Releases Beautiful The Wounds

January 1, 2018

Morrison Machiavelli

"Beautify the Wounds" is a short film written, executive produced and directed by KPWhiphop. It is based on his LP "Ativia's Beautiful Shelves", which was released in January 2018."While "Beautify the Wounds" consists of performance of songs in music video format, it is also narrated in an attempt to break down/detail what is happening before the viewer’s eyes; the “shelves ” and the items on them consistently referenced throughout the film serve as metaphors for societal happenings, mostly to do with systematic racism.


"Alabaster" | 2:02

"Terrarium" | 6:03

"Diorama"   |10:34

DR.L Beats- Wake Up Lakay
Sleepy Drops "Suspect" Featuring Iceman904 & Liam The Brand
DR.L Beats- Airway
Morrison Machiavelli & DR.L Beats- Carnelian LP