Terrarium Featured in Breaks X Lakes

January 1, 2018

Morrison Machiavelli

"[Terrarium] opens up with a slowed, orchestra-based sample and a verse from hip-hop M.C and producer, [Morrison Machiavelli].  This is the first song of the album that seems overtly aimed at the female persuasion.  [Morrison Machiavelli] serves up a 16-bar declaration about self-love being the premise of loving someone else.  KPW gives a methodical diagnostic to break down the consequences of affection, the complexities of sparking a romantic relationship, and the effects it has on the human psyche and emotions.  The song is a uniquely dark look at a topic usually discussed on less of an analytical level."

See original article at: http://breaksxlakes.net/kpw-ativias-beautiful-shelves/

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