Bigger Picture (Music Video)

Featured Artist:
Morrison Machiavelli
DR.L Beats
Additional Artists:
Dr. L Beats (featured)

It's taken time to follow form but the following has solidified. Onyx brings a new hardened sound to the catalog of Morrison Machiavelli. Taking a previously unexpected tone that is hardly braggadocios but confident. The honest lyrics present new context to the story, with songs like Fade Away revisiting Morrison's childhood. The snare-led rhythm cuts through the beat wrapping around stylized skipping synths. DR.L's unmistakable presence and style is frontline. Bigger Picture carries you in the mind of a rounded and focused young artist ready to make moves. Playing out chess-like calculations with a few tips, Morrison massages the beat through reverb accompanied lyrical stabs he rides the heavy bass drops with facts. We will let you navigate to the GOATYARD, just ask Siri. The ammunition is loaded on the artistic voyage managed within the two voices massaging the beat. Give it your all or don't give us a call, we live this. Addictive expression is present, caution is ordinarily encouraged. A hustlers spirit never dies, no lie. With both sides of the tracks soiled audible drugs are a guarantee. This song is dope, literally. Boy, oh boy. Lastly, CODE13 is a flashback in the mind of Morrison Machiavelli revisiting childhood and early inspiration. His words are spoken pushing people to live in their honest self, overcoming depression and seeing the spirit of your people. Giving homage to his family and life Morrison goes over the seeds and waters his love on this one. The short project is something like a business manual soundtrack to MM's heart poured into the foundation of his efforts within business and early entrepreneurship.