Featured Artist:
Morrison Machiavelli
Additional Artists:
Frank Carrozzo

No matter where you come from you will always be impacted by those around you, and provide the same. The new single Light by Morrison Machiavelli draws from experiences of triumph over battles within from overcoming poverty and depression to embracing self-love. The hard hitting track produced by Frank Carrozzo & ASTRØMAN captures a swelling wave of emotions reinforcing the power we have to overcome. Opening with the lyrics “we don’t need to seek guidance, just let it reach the eyelids pressing upon the iris messages from inside… ” the song encourages us to find our strength from our experiences and from within. The chorus furthers the message singing “we can’t step away from ourselves, promise that there ain’t nobody else… love is everything, I am really what I felt…” telling us to express ourselves truthfully. Morrison empathizes with the listener in the second verse opening up with his own journey “I can never feel your heart, but I get it though… I’ve been caught up on’ depression too, but I know how to pick myself up from the bottom and let it go…” referring to difficulties we face due to circumstances that often separate us at surface level.