Seal of Approval (Official Music Video)

Featured Artist:
Morrison Machiavelli
Additional Artists:

A smooth–laid back synth lace a chilling vibe as the song begins. The delicate bravado of vocals express a welcoming tone pressing through the speakers followed by a familiar trap high-hat and deep bass.The Spanish infused hook delivers a melodic temptation to the audience. The verses confront stagnation and intention while exploring sensual stimulation. Imagination offers ease of clarity for the taste of sexual content offered within the brief song leaving listeners ready for more.

Coming a long way from the underground Morrison Machiavelli, formerly known as Excel, releases Seal of Approval produced by Dr.L BeaTs with an expressive cinematic music video. Shot and co-directed by Ben Kohler in Los Angeles, California featuring musician/model Yvonne Tadeo with makeup by Castle Palace artist Saidah Castle.