Switchblade (Music Video)

Featured Artist:
Morrison Machiavelli
DR.L Beats
Additional Artists:

Tapping into a refreshing sound Morrison is standing his ground against any opposition. Coming through with DR.L Beats on production Switchblade is dedicated to cutting off the enemy.

No doubt Morrison has been consistently dropping gems in his lyrics, and this is nothing short of an example, however, on Switchblade, we get to see a different side of the rapper. Morrison steps out to let everyone know he is grounded in building for the family and his team and nothing will stand in his way. The Swavey Producer’s signature production compliments the flow with hard-hitting 808’s and sharp synth keys harmonizing alongside gradient pads.

Along the lines of Writing My Wrongs the sound stretches into an audibly comfortable territory for Morrison, representing his conviction and drive. We definitely hope to see more like this!