Morrison Machiavelli

Morrison Machiavelli & DR.L Beats- Carnelian LP

After months in the making Morrison Machiavelli follows up his Amethyst EP debut to what is unveiled to be continued with the Carnelian EP. On this journey Morrison teams up with Dr. L BeaTs to give the proper vibe to the aura. Carnelian offers songs in expression for and of woman.

After months in the making Los Angeles based artist Morrison Machiavelli follow-up Figured It Out with what has been unveiled to be the Carnelian LP. On this journey Morrison teams up with Dr.L Beats to give the proper vibe to context. Overall the feeling of the songs draw astray from traditional or modern Hip Hop feelings familiar thus far with Morrison's music taking a much more mellow approach. His choice in direction lyrically and melodically transcends the MCs range not only vocally but percussively drawing complimentary energy from Dr.L's compositions. Although this album is simplified instrumentally within it's songs mostly consisting of choppy guitar samples, wet and dense bass kicks, and the occasional staccato synth or string, it is saturated with small gems of detail. The smooth vibes of the production combined with Morrison's element of sensitivity and openness make Carnelian the sort of project worthy of a long summer drive or morning stroll.

The emphatic collection of songs included a man's ballad to the divine feminine: Favorite Drug. The lead single articulates raw physical attraction and pursuit detailing love and lust. Heavily processed guitar samples ring complimenting Morrison's bravado and presence. Dr.L wraps up the vibe echoing the percussive presence of the heavy drums' wet reverberation confidently guiding the vibe. Songs like Make Love share the importance of responsibility to love detailing fidelity and communication. Glow (feat. DR.L Beats), the final song of the project, brings to light conception and the creation of life or "one world." Wait for You (Tonight) features unique vocals by Yvonne Tadeo backing the chorus on the EDM ballad. Branching overseas Morrison presents a cinematic tune for the ladies of Europe with Baddest (International Love Part II), a follow up from the artist's 2013 release. Retaining a semblance of expectation on the second track The Anthem Morrison shouts out and expresses appreciation and love to his team.

Love and femininity is often regarded as fragile or missing in Hip Hop, but Morrison objectively set out to provide a direct album in effort to change the narrative. As a duo Morrison and Dr.L bring to the table a consistent workflow entailing not only progression but expansion. This chapter is an incredible example of their growth.

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DR.L Beats

DR.L Beats- Airway

NO BAD ENERGY. Capping off fall with a hypnotizing track that rings through your system. DR.L Beats releases Airways a entrancing vibe graced by deeply processed vocals and banging drums. Searing high hats ride beside honest and catchy lyrics exposing openness and dedication. The futuristic ring resonates to draw you close and give you a glimpse into the soul of DR.L.

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Iceman904- RC

(Feat. Fitzy Mess)
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After taking a step-back from releasing a wide volume of music Iceman904 blessed us with a single pulling in New York heavy-hitter and lyricist Fitzy Mess. The two East coast MCs trade smoke over the classic Doom production in celebration of the internationally celebrated holiday: 4/20. Ice drops the first verse pulling you into his ambiance reminiscing and drawing from the smokey vibe created. Just as it sounds the song is fading away Fitzy comes in to effortlessly put the last two in the chest of the beat calling out the game and it's players full circle.

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Our Songs

DR.L Beats- Airway

October 2, 2019

Capping fall with a hypnotizing track that rings through your system. DR.L Beats releases Airways a entrancing vibe graced by deeply processed vocals and banging drums.

Morrison Machiavelli- All Night

May 10, 2019

After an unforgettable weekend in Minneapolis and a few dedicated LA sessions Morrison, Cj & Billy, bring the energy on the explosive new single: All Night.

Iceman904- RC

April 20, 2019

East coast bring the smoke. Iceman904 and NY lyricist Fitzy Mess trade bars from glory days in Okinawa to 'Merica celebrating 4/20 on their new single.

Morrison Machiavelli- Blue Caroline Single Release

January 14, 2019

Blue Caroline is a direct line of fire at any artists missing the bar with skill-levels. Morrison went on the offensive calling out ill-intent and karma.

Morrison Machiavelli- Boxes

December 19, 2018

Morrison wants you to know that he doesn't fit in your boxes, or his own (or whatever). After a long-hiatus from self-produced songs his response is ample.

Morrison Machiavelli- Ayo

September 1, 2018

Morrison made it person in reference to the lyrics "blackmailed 'cause I masturbated in a video but when they asked for payment I said "play it," free press."

Morrison Machiavelli & Dr.L BeaTs- Swag Different

June 20, 2018

Without a doubt there is a place for the combination of self-expression and maturity in Hip Hop, Morrison and Dr. L achieve that presence with Swag Different.

Morrison Machiavelli & Dr.L BeaTs- Paper Planes

June 5, 2018

Paper Planes is the third debut commercial single from Morrison painting in-cadence the artist compliments transient chords with a colorful foundation.

Iceman904- Roll In Peace [Official Music Video]

May 6, 2018

Step into the mind of an MC not hesitant to share inner-workings of his universe. The Roll In Peace video Iceman904 takes it there & back with graphic visuals.

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